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s i r s e e    

the gift of harvest
volume one | "ripe for the picking"

s i r s e e   means "gift" in the Southern parlance.
Around the world, the agricultural community approaches each year’s harvest with uncertainty and hope, never knowing what dedicated efforts will yield. The fruit of this labor is a sirsee indeed. Beyond the fields, in the wider world, lies the promise of ripeness in other forms. 
What makes for true ripeness? And how do we seize that moment of sweet perfection before it passes? In this journal, we've gathered answers from a range of perspectives.
Poetry: Uche Ogbuji, Josh Lefkowitz, Laura Villareal, Marjorie Thomsen
Nonfiction: Edmundo Echeverria, Sara Bir
Fiction: Kara Vernor
Recipes: Laurel Randolph, Sheana Davis, Brenda LaNoue
Artwork: Dmitry Borshch, Luke Haynes, Anna Brones
+ many more
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Proceeds have benefitted ag workers' rights.
You have a gift. share it.